Because you are disabled.

File for disability benefits.

Appeal your case.

How you presented your initial application was the best you could do at that time given what you knew and were told.

But, if you were not successful, appeal (1) because you are disabled and (2) because you can improve on your presentation.

Compassionate Allowances Conditions

Compassionate Allowances Conditions

Social Security has identified certain medical conditions that satisfy Social Security’s medical criteria for disability. These conditions are called Compassionate Allowances Conditions and may be found online at

As explained on the Social Security website: “The Compassionate Allowances (CAL) initiative is a way to expedite the processing of SSDI and SSI disability claims for applicants whose medical conditions are so severe that their conditions obviously meet Social Security's definition of disability.”

Social Security also states that the application process is the same for claimants who have Compassionate Allowances Conditions, but that “SSA will expedite the applications of those with a CAL condition.” 

You and your “personal advocate” and medical team need to review the medical conditions that make up the Compassionate Allowances Conditions.

Disabled applicants with medical problems that appear on this list should make sure that they obtain and submit complete medical records that confirm their diagnoses.

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